My name is Kim Svensson. I am a self-taught illustrator and graphic designer living and working in Norrköping, Sweden.

I started tinkering with Adobe Photoshop in my bedroom around 2003, initially making gig posters and CD sleeves for the bands i was playing with at the time (i am also a mediocre drummer).

I worked in Photoshop up until 2010 before switching to Adobe Illustrator, mostly because i’m really lazy and thought the switch to Illustrator would be to much of a hassle but also because i was very happy with the result i got when i worked in Photoshop.

But when i finally made the switch to Illustrator there was no turning back. Nowadays 99% of my work is made in Illustrator.

As mentioned i am self-taught and i learn new techniques and skills everyday. Most of my work i do for myself because i love doing it, but if you want me to do some work for you just contact me and we’ll sort it out.


This is not my ”real” job. I do this in my sparetime so i often do my work at odd hours.  So if i don’t respond to you right away that is the reason (i’m not being a dick).